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Title: Patience
Pairing: Tseng/Rufus
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: R (Kissing, Language)Word Count: 1,277
Warnings: Underage, young and innocent Rufus
Prompt: 09. Virgin

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“Tseng, help me solve a math equation?” Rufus Shinra asked imperiously from the doorway of Tseng’s office.

“Where’s your tutor?” Tseng inquired, his dark eyes never leaving the monitor of his laptop. He could feel the weight of the icy blue eyes on his back, but he knew that if turned around they would be glowing with a sensual heat.

Rufus snorted, a common sound that was unusually elegant coming from the 13-year-old scion of a powerful family. “Morumi-san is drunk off his ass again and snoring away on the floor of the classroom.”

Tseng sighed and saved his work. He turned and waved Rufus over to his desk. “Show me what you’ve got.”

A slight raise at the corner of his full lips and a gracefully arched brow lifting suggestively was the only sign that Rufus gave in regards to where his thoughts had turned as he approached Tseng’s desk. He set his assignment down and leaned in closer than what was completely comfortable for Tseng’s peace of mind.

“This one,” Rufus pointed, his breath washing across the sensitive whorls of Tseng’s ear, “I don’t understand how to figure out the variable using this formula.”

Tseng took a look at the problem that Rufus pointed out and, as he showed Rufus how to solve it, he tried to furtively move away from the line of heat that rested against the right side of his body, especially when every breath carried with it the boy’s sweet scent.

“Tseng,” Rufus whispered his name, “don’t you like me?”

“Of course I like you, Rufus-sama.” Tseng answered automatically.

“No. I mean, don’t you like me? In that way?” Rufus’ eyes boldly met Tseng’s but there was an embarrassed blush on his pale cheeks.

Tseng couldn’t hide his surprise even if he wanted to. He glanced at Rufus taking in the shy, yet eager, expression on the boy’s pretty face. There lay the problem in a nutshell; Rufus, despite the mantle of maturity he wore, was still a boy. A thirteen-years-old boy to be exact and Tseng was a full grown man of twenty-three. He was way to old to be lusting after Rufus; in fact, it made Tseng inwardly wince every time his hormones went into overdrive around the boy. He felt like a dirty, shota-obsessed pervert.

“I see,” Rufus said, the iciness in voice barely hiding the hurt, “I guess, I’m nothing but a responsibility to you. I’ll leave now, thank you for the help.”

Tseng blinked, abruptly coming out of his private introspection and realizing that Rufus had mistaken his silence for rejection. He put his hand out to stop him, even as he mentally kicked himself for not letting the boy go on thinking that there was nothing between them but Tseng’s duty to him.

“Rufus-sama,” Tseng cupped his cheek, “Rufus, there are so many things wrong with what lies between us.”

“If you mean because were both men, it doesn’t bother me. I just want you Tseng.” Rufus said quietly, his fingers curling into the loose material of Tseng’s dress shirt.

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Rufus.” Tseng smiled. “I could care less that we’re both males, that’s where my preference lies anyway. What I’m talking about is the age difference between us. Rufus, I’m ten years older than you.”

“Isn’t age just a number?” Rufus asked coyly.

“So speaks Lolita.” Tseng retorted with a laugh. “There is also the fact that you are, essentially, my superior.”

“Well,” Rufus drawled, his look cunning, “if I’m your superior, then if I ordered you to kiss me, you’d have to obey? Wouldn’t you?”

“If you commanded me to, yes.” Tseng answered with a nod.

Rufus leaned forward, blue eyes bright with excitement. He licked lips gone dry and said huskily, “Tseng, will you…no, I order you to kiss me.”

Tseng gently brushed a kiss across Rufus’ forehead, hiding a smile at the sound of annoyance he made.

“No! On the lips!” He snarled at the chaste kiss Tseng pressed on his mouth. “Dammit, Tseng, do it right! I want a real kiss!”

“A real one, huh?” Tseng cupped Rufus’ face and softly began to nibble on the lower lip that stuck out in a pout. He savored the little turned on squeak of surprise that escaped Rufus as Tseng gently licked at his lip.

Rufus climbed onto Tseng’s lap, grinding his erection against the muscular thigh. He moaned and threw his arms around Tseng’s neck as his mouth was taken in a wet, sucking kiss that forced his lips to part.

“Ahhh…” He moaned and shuddered as Tseng’s tongue invaded the secret depths of his mouth, teasing and seducing his own tongue to twine and lap at its new playmate.

Tseng fought to contain the hungry growl building in his throat as he kissed the boy. He could feel Rufus trembling in his arms as he awkwardly, shyly, eagerly returned the kisses.

“Tseng, please.” Rufus pleaded pulling away and panting for breath.

At first Tseng thought Rufus was asking him to stop, that he had somehow overwhelmed the boy, and he felt a moment’s guilt at frightening him. Then he noticed, through the haze of his own lust, the wanton look of exquisite pain on Rufus’ arousal flushed face. Tseng lifted him in his arms and carried him to the couch, where he held him on his lap.

“Tseng?” Rufus questioned when Tseng did nothing more that tenderly card his fingers through the thick, silky tangle of his hair.

“Rufus, do you know what you’re asking for?” Tseng asked softly.

Rufus blushed and nodded; his eyes fever bright and determined. “I want…I want you to have sex…no…make love…to me.”

“I can’t, Rufus.” Tseng put his finger across Rufus’ lips silencing the argument he could building. “I want to, believe me, I want to, but I’m not going to take your virginity at this time. You’re still too young.”

“If I wasn’t a virgin and had all the sexual experience of Reno, would you still be telling me no?” Rufus asked, irritation clear in his tone.

Tseng chuckled, “Even if you had double the sexual experience of Reno, I’d still tell you no. You’d still be too young.”

Rufus slid off of Tseng’s lap but stayed close to his side, head resting on his shoulder. Tseng could practically hear the gears in Rufus’ head turning as the boy thought, “I’ll be fourteen in a few months. Is that still too young?”

“I’m afraid so, Rufus-sama.”

“How about sixteen?”

“I would prefer eighteen.”

Rufus’ head shot up and there was a look of near comical incredulity on his face. “You’re crazy if you think I’m waiting almost five years to lose my virginity! Anyway, if I have to wait five years to have sex, then you can’t have sex for five years either.”
Tseng sighed, “Very well, Rufus-sama, sixteen it is.”

Eyes lit with smug satisfaction, Rufus smiled. Suddenly he frowned and turned a look upon Tseng, “You’ll still kiss me, right? We’re not going cold chocobo until I turn sixteen, are we?”

“Absolutely not, I promise I’ll kiss you all you want.” Tseng soothed, cupping Rufus’ face and giving him a chaste kiss.

“Real kisses, Tseng.” Rufus muttered indignantly.

“Yes, Rufus-sama, real kisses. Now, you need to get going and finish your homework.” Tseng stood and straightened his clothes.

Rufus followed him to his desk and retrieved his notebook. He walked to the door, then stopped mid-stride and rushed back to Tseng. Standing on his tiptoes, he kissed Tseng’s cheek and whispered, “By the time I’m sixteen, I should have a really strong right hand, ne?”

The End
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