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Title: A Beautiful Mistake

Author: sarcasticcinder

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Fuji/OC

Rating: R (language)

Length: 8/?

Disclaimer: Anyone you recognize belongs to someone else and I make no money from their work. All original characters belong to me and may be used with permission.

Warning: Angst. Not quite Tezuka/Fuji, yet. B-movie dialogue (the inhumanity.)

A/N: I know, I know…finally! xp Everything else should be on time or no later than one day.


Chapter 7


“Tezuka?” Fuji’s voice came out rusty with shock. He blinked his eyes in disbelief.


“Hello, Fuji.” Tezuka awkwardly greeted as he pushed his hands into the pocket of his khakis.


“How? Where?” Fuji floundered, his usually agile mind unable, or unwilling, to process the fact that Tezuka was standing in front of him. He opened the gate and walked until he was standing before the one person he didn’t expect to be seeing this soon; much less in front of his parent’s home. “What are you doing here?”


“I just…” Tezuka muttered, looking at spot above Fuji’s head and trying to get his own rattled brain to come up with a plausible reason for him to be here. He lowered his gaze and looked into puzzled blue eyes, “I went for a walk and, somehow, I ended up…here.”


Fuji made a sound of acknowledgment, something necessary to fill the heavy silence that fell between them as they tried to figure out what to say next. They both studied each other surreptitiously, noting the subtle changes made during their 4 years apart from each other.


Tezuka’s eyes roamed over Fuji, cataloging without conscious thought the minor differences in his appearance. He wore his hair longer now, cut into carelessly tousled layers that framed his angular face and startling blue eyes. He looked longer, leaner, rangier than Tezuka remembered; his physique: the broad shoulders and chest were emphasized by the light blue and sea green pinstripe vest he wore beneath a dove gray silk blazer.  Pale blue jeans slung low on his hips with a thin white belt that circled his narrow waist drew the eyes down the length of his toned thighs.


There was a certain mature sensuality in the 22-year-old Fuji that unsettled Tezuka in a way that the 18-year-old Fuji never did. He shook his head, cleared his throat and uttered the understatement of the century, “You look well, Fuji.”


“Thank you, Tezuka. You look pretty good yourself.” Fuji replied with a slight and mocking bow of his head. When he rose to me Tezuka gaze, the smiling mask was back in place. “I was sorry to hear about your wife.”


Your wife.


Those two words, spoken with the sharp bitterness of the past four years, hit Tezuka with the force of a blow. In the few paces between them lay a world of betrayal and anger made larger by guilty touches and caresses that meant goodbye to one and promises of forever to another.


Fuji, I…” Tezuka started not able to continue because he didn’t know what he wanted to say; if there was anything he could say. Instead, he feel back on daily minutiae, “How’s your family?”


“Still avoiding the issue, Tezuka?” Fuji asked cruel amusement in the curl of his lips.


“Not avoiding, Fuji, just not seeing the use in probing an obviously still open wound.” Tezuka answered with a sigh.


“You could try an apology.” Fuji retorted coldly.


“If I thought an apology could fix everything or change the things that I regret, I’d gladly offer one.” Tezuka replied, just as coldly.


“You actually have regrets? That’s a new one, Tezuka.”


“I regret a few things, yes. Do I regret everything? No.”


Fuji laughed a sound like glass on the senses. “That’s just like you, Kunimitsu. You’re still as bloody ambiguous as ever. Do you regret cheating on me? Do you regret cheating on your wife two nights before your wedding? Do regret leading me on then sweeping everything about us, including my feelings, under the rug and pretending it never happened? Are those the kind of things you regret?”


“Yes, those are exactly the things that I regret, Fuji.” Tezuka hissed back, unable to remain stoic under the angry onslaught. “I regret them because they make me human. I regret them because they made you finally see that I wasn’t perfect and you couldn’t deal with that. The night I slept with you, you could’ve said ‘no’, but you didn’t.”


“That night was my fault then?” Fuji was incredulous. “Next you’ll be telling me you got married because of me.”


“I did get married because of you…and because of me.” Tezuka said honestly. He took a step forward and grabbed Fuji’s arms, gently. “Fuji, I…”


“What’s going on here?” A deep voice cut in. “Syusuke? You alright, babe? This guy ain’t bothering you, is he?”


Tezuka turned, his eyes widening as he took in the sight of the tall, handsome man looming over him with a confused glare. Tezuka absently noted that he dressed like he was either a host or a thug, but he shook off the thought and released Fuji. “We were just talking.”


“It looked more like you were molesting him than talking to him.” The man snarled, humorlessly. He took a threatening step towards Tezuka. “You have five seconds to come up with a better reason to be touching my Syusuke than that.”


“Matsura,” Fuji said, putting a hand on the man’s massive chest, “He an old friend. Tezuka’s telling you the truth, we were just talking.”


“If you say so, babe.” Matsura raised a brow, the look clearly conveying disbelief. He turned to Tezuka, “You’re lucky; Syusuke just saved you from an ass kicking.”


Fuji almost laughed at the look that flew across Tezuka’s face when he glanced at Fuji. It clearly said, ‘you have got to be shitting me?’ He rolled his eyes in annoyance and gave Matsura another push backwards. “He was just saying goodbye. Weren’t you, Tezuka?”


Tezuka glanced between the two men, his eyes resting on the hand that Fuji still held against Matsura chest and then to the arm that Matsura had slung around Fuji’s waist with the ease of long familiarity. Something moved in Tezuka’s eyes when they came to meet Fuji’s again; something that surprised Fuji but passed before he could decipher it.


“Yes,” Tezuka said quietly, “I was just taking my leave; I need to get home to my daughter, anyway. I’ll see you Friday, right? Fuji?”


Fuji nodded and watched as Tezuka walked away, his figure slowly getting smaller and smaller. He was startled by the disappointment he felt at Tezuka’s leaving and the urge to go after him and forgive everything if he would just promise to never leave him again. His arms still tingled where Tezuka had held him, the imprint of his hand feeling as if it were branded into his flesh. He couldn’t believe that he still wanted him this badly, especially after everything that he did to hurt him.


Matsura grabbed Fuji’s arm and pulled him to his chest. His lips pressing against Fuji’s with bruising force as he jerked Fuji’s hips flush against his. “What ‘cha meeting him on Friday for?”


Fuji pushed away from the contact and wiped at his lips. “I told you that I’m going out with some former teammates from my high school tennis club on Friday. He’s one of them.”


“One of the “friends”, huh?” Matsura’s tone made it clear what he thought of that. He cupped Fuji’s jaw and kissed him again, his fingers tightening around the wrist he held as he tried to manhandle a struggling Fuji into submissiveness. “Seems like more than just a friend to me, babe.”


“Since when do I have explain myself to you?” Fuji hissed, trying to pull both his wrist and jaw from Matsura’s vice-like grasp. “If I say he’s just a friend, I mean he’s just a friend.”


“How come I never met him before?” He squeezed Fuji’s wrist tighter, making him wince. “You slutting around on me, babe? What ‘cha hiding from me, Syusuke?”


“I’m not hiding anything, you asshole! Let go!” Fuji gritted out between clenched teeth, his eyes narrowed in a vicious glare. “You sound ridiculous! Like someone from a bad yakuza movie! You’ve never met Tezuka before because he’s been in America for the last five years!”


Fuji pulled away from Matsura completely pissed off. His wrist and jaw throbbed but he refused to rub either of them, at least not in front of the person who hurt him in the first place.


“I’m sorry, babe.” Matsura apologized, lips curling into the charming smile that had first caught Fuji’s attention. He reached out to touch Fuji’s cheek and glared when he moved away from the caress. “Just get in the damn car, we’re gonna be late for our reservation.”


“You know, I don’t really feel like going anywhere now.” Fuji told him.


“Fine!” Matsura snapped, “We’ll go back to my place, or a love hotel, maybe a good, hard fuck will make you less of dick.”


“Let me make this clear enough so that tiny brain hiding somewhere behind that giant ego of yours can understand,” Fuji said in freezing tones, “I don’t feel like going anywhere with you. Just. Leave.”


Matsura growled, then took a deep, calming breath and closed his eyes. “You can be a real diva bitch sometimes. Do what you want. I’ll call you later, maybe after that icicle you shoved up your ass has melted.”


“Whatever.” Fuji tossed over his shoulder as he slammed the gate behind him.




Chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 45, 6 

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.






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posted by [identity profile] at 12:43pm on 17/10/2007
UST. A past. A new "significant" other.*sighs*
I go dreamy...


posted by [identity profile] at 06:44pm on 17/10/2007

I appreciate you commenting.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:51pm on 17/10/2007
I've enjoyed your story so far. The scene in the last chapter where Tezuka turns around and comes face to face with Fuji was absolutely magical, really carrying through with the subtlety you've built up since the first chapter. Their shock at meeting each other so suddenly and unexpectedly felt real, with all its awkwardness and pain. Just reading through from the start to refresh my memory reminds me of what a gem of a fic you've started here.

In this chapter, however, the tongue-lashing which jumps out of Fuji just doesn't chime for me. It feels too sudden and straightforward --- like something Momoshiro or Eiji would say and the energy they would project with their words since they tend to be driven by feelings first. (In his match with Kirihara, Fuji let the other boy beat him up, right up until K. threatened Tachibana again; so it seems out of character for him to respond aggressively, even with verbal aggression, toward someone who hurt him alone.) It's the only jarring moment in your story for me. Everything else was flawless and quite engaging up to that moment. I know that these sorts of moments are very difficult to write, all that hurt and abandonment --- very powerful emotions. It's quite a trick not to want to react like Anne of Green Gables by cracking the slate over Tezuka's head.

And now your Fuji is in an abusive relationship, and that is a very believable plot-point. The moment when Matsura chases Tezuka off is beautifully structured. In fact, this premise you've developed of Fuji being abandoned by the real love of his life, Tezuka, is the only set-up I can believe where he winds up being physically battered like that. And there are so many stories where Fuji is a masochist, aren't there? They just don't ring true.

As a counterpuncher, Fuji only places himself in danger when the battle is to change the character of his opponent. So a person can see that Tezuka's abandonment left Fuji feeling he wasn't even entitled to his own anger, and that's how it turned inwardly and how he manifested this relationship with an abuser. With such good material behind you, I really encourage you to continue developing your plot with the awesome subtlety and sense of realism with which the story began.

Matsura doesn't need a lot of posturing to indicate how dangerous and threatening he is. That undermines his creepiness actually. The blustering bullies are never convincing. It's the ones who use only a word here or there to put their point across that come off as dangerous.

Anyway, well done. This turned out to be a little more concrit than I had intended. I really like the story though. I want to see where you take it.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:03pm on 17/10/2007
Wow! First of all thanks for reading and commenting, especially since I really love your fics:)

I appreciate the honesty of your critique and you have me thinking of going through and editing the point you brought up in regards to Fuji's anger. I understand completely what you're saying and, you're right; even in this fic where the characters are purposely written as OOC to emphasize the passage of years, Fuji's reaction is jarring.

I can honestly say that I was having hard time writing that scene because there was so much pertinent information that I wanted to reveal without it seeming contrived and I guess it back fired on me:)

Matsura...I was hesitant at first about putting Fuji in an abusive relationship based on the fact that there are so many fics out with that premise, and having Fuji fall into one accidentally just doesn't fit with what we know about the tensai.

Thanks again for both the kind words and the concrit. I only hope that I can live up to the expectations you have in regards to the rest of the story.


posted by [identity profile] at 12:26am on 18/10/2007
You really are so gracious about this. Fuji's anger is really difficult to express. I tried to show some of it in my story and regret it. I have to go back and revise that section, except I'm not sure how. He isn't passive-aggressive. When someone hurts someone he loves, he defeats them by turning their own strategies against them, but in a controlled way. So, for example, Kirihara doesn't get a ball in his face, but knows that Fuji could spin one there if he so chose. It is quite ingenious.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:59am on 18/10/2007
I don't see it as me being gracious...I'm being smart:)

After all, from what I understand you write for a living and you have been in the PoT fandom longer than I have. I believe the best, and most respectful, thing I could do is take your suggestions, as both a career writer and a PoT fan, and put them to work for me:)

I believe that I can only improve as a writer myself if someone is willing to be honest with me and point out the flaws (minor and major) in my works. It would be detrimental to my learning anything if I took constructive criticism as a personal affront to my writing skills.

Thanks again:)
posted by [identity profile] at 04:39pm on 18/10/2007
I make a living as a journalist and freelance essayist, not a fiction writer. So there's a difference. Most of the successful fiction writers I know cannot make a living wage at fiction; success is determined by the fact that they've been published, repeatedly. Each has to supplement that career with other jobs.

Adding an abuser into the equation cranks up the tension so much that the story can easily get derailed by implausibilities, 2-dimensional characterizations and clichéd plot devices. You will have to really think out how you want to tell this story, even if it's an old story, one that we've heard many times before, in order for it to sound fresh and wholly Fuji-Tezuka. Otherwise you will get "My character is paysted-on, YAY!"
posted by [identity profile] at 08:07pm on 17/10/2007
I like the plot twist of Fuji having slept with Tezuka two days before his wedding and I like what it meant to each of them. And this line:

There was a certain mature sensuality in the 22-year-old Fuji that unsettled Tezuka in a way that the 18-year-old Fuji never did.

♥! That line was really beautiful. In a way that completely describes how I'd imagine Fuji growing up. It's so much like Fuji to get sexier as he gets older. xP

The only itty problem I'm having is Fuji's new boyfriend. It's a pretty major plot twist and you already have a lot of those. I mean, as long as you can handle it and bring everything together at the end, it's great and it'll be amazing to read. My concern stems from the fact that I've never seen anyone managing to do that. At least, not when Fuji's the one in an abusive relationship and you're writing from Tezuka's POV. Just my ten cents, though. ^-^ As long as you can do it, I have no complaints.

Your boys are so cute in such a sad way. I only just realized how young they all still are, though. It kind of hit me like BAM! and I was like, o__O. Then I felt very slow and silly. xP
posted by [identity profile] at 01:08am on 18/10/2007
I have mentioned that I'm writing this whole thing by the seat of my pants and believe me the twists and turns of the plot are taking my breath away. Matsura didn't start out as an abusive boyfriend but by the time I was done fleshing out that scene, he kind of revealed his true character to me.

I think I have a way to resolve everything that will be feasible without being contrite, but I have to just work up to that point and hope my muses don't add another path in the labyrinth.

By the way, have I introduced you to my muses? Meet Abbott and Costello...explains a lot, eh?

♥! That line was really beautiful. In a way that completely describes how I'd imagine Fuji growing up. It's so much like Fuji to get sexier as he gets older. xP

And yes, even in my own head, do I see Fuji being the prime definition of a "walking orgasm" as he ages:)WOOT!!!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:12am on 18/10/2007
Oh. That's a much better definition of Fuji than what I'd thought of. -nodnod-

Hello Abbott, hello Costello. Pleased to meet you! I'm Ketchup~ My muses don't like me very much or very often, but when they do I'll introduce you to them. They haven't even told me their names!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:46am on 21/10/2007
lol lol lol Fuji's new boo got some mystic comebacks lol
love this chpt *V for victory!-that was totally a Taka-san moment*
posted by [identity profile] at 07:11pm on 22/10/2007
Thanks for reading:)

I'm glad you enjoyed...sorry for the lateness of this reply back to you, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Especially as I'm feelin a little underapreciated lately:)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:57pm on 11/11/2007
I held my breath for far too long during this whole chapter. It drives me crazy that Tezuka didn't finish what he was gonna say. And why did he grab Fuji for? Was he going to kiss him?! Was he just gonna drown in those eyes and grovel for forgiveness?

I was right in my assessment from the last chapter. Amy did resemble Fuji but only because Tezuka made it that way. He was afraid of non-normality and instead he got heartache, regret, a dead wife and a beautiful daughter. I wonder if Fuji would melt if he met Hana-chan or give her the cold shoulder knowing that she also came from Amy. This was a good chapter!

Thank you so much.

*loves new edit button on comments*

I forgot to mention the boyfriend! OMG! Just where did he crawl out from?! Fuji could've done much better but it's understandable that a shiny package doesn't really show everything and now he's with his a-hole. I hope he dumps him really quickl. XD
posted by [identity profile] at 04:06pm on 12/11/2007
Thanks for such a positive reaction on a chapter that kicked my ass.

I'm glad the subtlety of this fic is coming through. I don't want to just come out and say "Amy=Fuji" to Tezuka, but I want the readers to draw their own conclusions as to what's truly going on beneath the layers.

Matsura...yeah, he actually started out as a nice guy, and then the muses took over once I started writing this thing you know, BAM!!!! Creep!Matsura.


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