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Title: A Beautiful Mistake

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji

Rating: G for now, NC-17 later

Length: 4/10?

Disclaimer: Anyone you recognize belongs to someone else and I make no money from their work. All original characters belong to me and may be used with permission.

Summary: Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball. You can either swing and pray you hit it or let it go by and take the strike.

A/N: This fic may be rife with mistakes, but I’ll correct them as I go along (and as you point them out to me), OOC-ness (but please remember that this fic takes place about 11 years into the future), flashbacks and other clichéd plot devices (but I’ll try to write them well), and I’m afraid I’ll be dipping into that pot of gooey cheese every now and then. Oh, and if I’m seen to be slacking in updates, I give you permission to jab me with a sharp stick repeatedly:)

Edit: Edited timeline because I'm an idiot. xp

Chapter 3


Fuji Syusuke frowned in concentration, his eyes watering from staring into the setting sun for so long. He held his camera at the ready, just waiting for that perfect moment when the light of day began to fade into dusk. His cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket but he ignored the tickling buzz as he waited for the first streaks of pink to color the horizon .


“Wait for it, wait for it.” He muttered to himself, “There!”


His camera whirred and clicked as he pressed the shutter in quick succession. Fuji smiled and released his shoulders from their tense position.


“Fuji-senpai, did you get the shot?”  His assistant, Higaroshi Miyuka, asked excitedly.


“I’ll know for sure tomorrow, after I develop the film.” He answered, turning his closed-eye smile onto her.


“It’s a beautiful shot, I’m sure.” She sighed.


Fuji glanced at her, his smile turning up sharply at the corners, “You think so, Miyuka-san?”


“Oh, yes, Fuji-senpai! I think it’s perfect!”


“Hmmm… I think only one thing would make it perfect.” Fuji tapped his bottom lip with his finger, unable to resist teasing his genki assistant. He smiled at the confused expression on her face, “Do you know what would make it perfect, Miyuka-san?”


Miyuka shook her head, “No, Fuji-senpai.”


“If that damned car wasn’t in the shot.” Fuji lazily gestured to the sleek, black sports car that was parked across the grassy knoll with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji as it’s backdrop.


Miyuka looked startled, then giggled, “Fuji-senpai, you shouldn’t say that about our company’s biggest account!”


“No, I don’t suppose I should. Okay, Miyuka-san time to pack the equipment.” Fuji said and handed her his camera. He walked to the representative for the car company, “Naguchi-san, we’re done for now. I’ll have the thumbnails sent to you no later than Wednesday.”


“Thank you, Fuji-san.” Naguchi, a short man with a slim build, receding hairline, and an arrogant air, answered as he shook Fuji’s hand and bowed, “We look forward to your work. Don’t disappoint us.”


Fuji smiled and turned to watch as Naguchi waved his hand imperiously to his own harried looking assistant, who jumped as if touched with a stun gun, and ran to open the door of the sports car for his senpai. He then scurried around to the other side and barely got his right leg into the car before Naguchi took off with a screech of tires.


We look forward to your work. Don’t disappoint us.Fuji mocked, his blue-eyes fully opened and glaring in the direction of the retreating vehicle, “Like he’s suddenly the king of his own bloody country.”


“I’m finished loading, Fuji-senpai.” Miyuka’s voice pulled Fuji from his musing.


“Ah, forgive me, Miyuka-san. I didn’t mean to make you do all the clean up.” Fuji apologized to his assistant with a low, courtly bow.


Miyuka giggled again, “It’s my job, Fuji-senpai!”


Fuji opened the passenger door and held out his hand to assist Miyuka into the car. He chuckled, as he rounded the front of the car, at the look of adoration that wreathed her features.




Moshi, moshi, Kikumaru here!”


“You called?”


“Ah, Fujiko! Yes, I called…hours ago.” Eiji chimed over the phone, an annoyed note in his voice.


“Sorry, Eiji, I was working.” Fuji answered with an laugh, he could almost see the pout on Eiji’s face.


“Yes, well, nevermind.” Eiji sighed, then his voice took on an excited tone, “You’ll never guess who Oishi saw today.”


“Do you want me to?”


“Do I want you to what?”


“Do you want me to guess, Eiji?”


Fuji! Stop teasing me and listen!”


“I’m listening, I’m listening.” Fuji shook his head in amusement and curled up more comfortably in his chair, “Who did Oishi see today?”


“He saw Tezuka!” Eiji exclaimed happily.


“Tezuka’s back?” Fuji asked quietly.


“Yes, he actually called Oishi two weeks ago asking if he could pick him up at the airport,” Eiji explained, “but I wasn’t allowed to say anything to anyone until today. Isn’t this good news, Fujiko?”


“What?” Fuji murmured, “Oh, yes, it is good news. Um…did Oishi say anything about him…about how he’s doing?”


“Oishi said that Tezuka seemed okay but sad, that’s only expected, considering Amy-san’s funeral was only five months ago.” Eiji was quiet for a moment, deep in thought, “Oishi’s worried, though, he thinks Tezuka’s hiding a lot of his grief inside. Tezuka was never really easy to read anyways.”


Fuji ran his finger up and down the suede fabric of his recliner, a thoughtful frown on his face. He quietly began to say something, but changed his mind in the middle of it and let the sentence trail off.


Fuji, did you say something?”


“No, nothing, I was just thinking out loud.”


“Oh, the reason why I called you,” Eiji said as if he suddenly remembered, “Oishi talked to Tezuka today and got the go ahead, so I’m inviting the former regulars for a get together next Friday. I was going to invite everyone, but Oishi made me swear to keep it small.”


“Tezuka agreed to this?” Fuji asked, his eyebrows raised in surprise.


“Yeah, you could have knocked me over with a feather as well.” Eiji laughed, “I figured, he has been gone for five years maybe time and distance made him miss us. Are you coming?”


“Have you talked to anyone else yet?”


“No, since you and Oishi were the closest to him, I thought I’d ask you first.” Eiji tapped his fingers against the kitchen counter, “Well, will you come?”


Fuji glanced up at a painting on his wall, his eyes focusing on a faint shade of pale yellow in it’s background, “Eiji, we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms.”


“I did wonder about that. You two did seem a little tense at his wedding, but, Fuji, whatever happened happened three years ago. I’m sure he’s let go of it, you should too.” Eiji voice turned wheedling, though it still held a note of compassion, “He needs us right now, Fujiko.”


Fuji sighed but he could feel the smile return to his lips, “This, Kikumaru Eiji, is why you make a great corporate mediator. Yes, I’ll go.”


“Good!” Eiji pumped his arm into the air, “I’ll call back with the rest of the plans as soon as I talk to everyone. Thank you, Fujiko.”


“You’re welcome, Eiji. Good-bye.”



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posted by [identity profile] at 09:11pm on 11/11/2007
I don't know what it is about your Fuji but he came across as this sleek, sexy, purring cat just waiting to be stroked and Tezuka wasn't even in this chapter! Fuji can have anybody eating out of his hand. The date is set. Now let's see what happens during the reunion.

Can't wait to find out exactly why their parting wasn't good.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:40pm on 12/11/2007
I see Fuji as one of those guys who gets sexier as they get older:)

You know the type that can be balding, getting a beer gut yet still exude a sexiness that's baffling (not that Fuji would be bald or chubby).


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